Olympics Golf

Olympics is one of the oldest competition in different games for international players. Modern Olympics let worldwide players unite in a unique sporting competition and compete against each other in a global event. Olympics is often considered as the prime and peak win for a player. All players and countries are guided by uniform rules and ranking system. Hundreds of countries are able to encourage different sports by sending the participants to the Olympics.

Olympics were held every four years but since 1994 they changed the pattern to Summer and Winter Olympics to be held every two years. This facilitates increased number of sports and participants. Summer Olympics has more number of sports than the Winter Olympics. The infrastructure required to organize the games are planned and implemented ahead by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). New sports are introduced frequently to encourage more players and sports.

Golf is one of the ancient games played since 16th century. It involves hitting a golf ball with clubs in to a series of holes in a planned area. In the Stroke play, a widely played type of golf game, the player with minimum strokes to finish all the holes wins the game. Golf is governed by the International Golf Federation (IGF). Strict rules and conditions govern the sport worldwide. Golf is popular across all ages in different countries, but participating in the Olympics takes the sport to a new level. Olympics Golf is a premium event for world wide golf enthusiasts.


Golf is one of the sports re-introduced in to Olympics in 2016 Summer. First played in 1900 and 1904 Olympics, golf has won its spot to be able to be represented in Summer 2016 and Summer 2020 Olympics. Golf is also a part of Youth Olympic Games for athletes ages fifteen thru eighteen since August 2014.

Olympics Golf Selection

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has limited the number of golf players to 60 each in men's and women's category. The top sixty in world golf rankings are eligible for the Olympics Golf. The top 15 ranked players are admitted in to the Olympics and beyond that there is a per country limit of maximum two players. Some players are placed on the reserve list for replacement options.

Youth Olympics Golf selects top 32 players in men's and women's each. Youth play 52-hole stroke play while the adults play 72-hole game. The individual and team events are played based on the ranking and grouping in a category. The IOC is also constantly updating the process of selection according the requirements.

Olympics Golf has certain nationality rules for selection of players. Dual citizens are accepted but are required to represent only one country consistently. Players are expected to follow all Olympics ethics rules and anti-doping measures. Failure to follow any rules may subject players to suspension. All athletic guidelines of Olympics must be adhered at all times and a professional sportsmanship is expected.

Olympics Golf Selection

Olympics Golf Ranking

Official World Golf Ranking is a key criteria for Olympics Golf. The tournaments played and the performance in those are used to determine ranking of a golfer. The player's previous two years performance and last 52 tournaments are used to determine the world ranking. Certain competitions such as the PGA tour are mandatory to be considered in to the world ranking. Other rankings may start at the club level, regional level, sectional level, state level, national level, country-division level, and world level.

Ranking of a player also depends on the how they play at the individual level and team level. The players scoring ability also known as Handicap Index is also a crucial measure for Olympic golfer. The index helps to pair the golfer with another golfer in the same range at the competitions.

Ranking has evolved over time and the rules are changing to upgrade to the latest conditions. There are ratings for participation in an event as well. The Strength of Field is determined by World rating and Home tour rating. Rankings are changing constantly and the players can move up or down based on the tournaments.

Olympics Golf Ranking

Professional Golf Associations

Professional Golf Associations are very important for feeding the players in to the Olympics Golf. Golf is a very costly sport and the competition is heavy. Players of all ages and genders are increasingly participating in the sport. Amateur golf, junior golf, youth golf, female golf, male golf, and so on are the different groups for which associations are available. State wide golf associations are organizing tournaments for the golfers.

Golf is perceived to be an individual sport but also emphasizes team spirit and sportsmanship. The different golf associations provide a network to learn, improve, connect, and upgrade about the sport.

Most golf associations have social media networks to communicate with the golfers. Several associations are also available at a college level or university level. Here are some of the key professional golf associations:

The rules of the game are evolving to suit the modern playing situations and the new rules are set to be published by 2019. You can review the rules and suggest modifications as well. Official rules can be accessed via the internet and on the smart phone applications.

Olympics Golf is a dream for many players worldwide and is possible with hard work and planning. Coaches and support system play a crucial role in the process. An aspiring golfer is required to have an organized schedule and implementation to be able to excel in Olympics Golf.